Texture of Life

The Texture of a Life Lived

The Texture of a Life Lived


I’ve been through the desert on a Horse with No Name

It felt good to be out of the rain

In the desert you can remember your name

‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.

~Dewey Bunnell

I spotted this vehicle while on one of my rambles through town. Out of sheer respect, I had to stop and snap a photo. I say “snap” because I only had my cell with me. It’s a cheap phone, because I dislike spending $500 (or even a $100) on a phone.

The more I looked at her, the more fascinated I became (yes, I am a weirdo, thanks for noticing). To me she is amazing: the texture, the colors, the scars. Intriguing. How did she get this scar? And what about that one over there? The miles she has driven. The wonders and perhaps tragedies she has seen. The loads she has carried. Not one centimeter of her isn’t mysterious, beautiful, and well loved. What a life she has had, and what more is still to come?

It made me wonder why we are so afraid of aging.

The signs of wear and tear, love lost and found, grief and art, courage, fear, battles fought…unique to each of us.



One of a kind beauty.

20 responses to “Texture of Life

  1. Was the car on three wheels?
    My first experience with cars was also a Chevy Ute. It was on three wheels and was slowly reclaimed by weeds and mother nature. It was a much older model and already old in 1956 when I first saw it.

    • Haha! No, this Chevy has 4 wheels and it actually still runs, because I’ve seen it in action.

      I’d have loved to have taken a photo of the Chevy Ute you mention, Gerard. She sounds marvelous.

    • That’s really true, David. If we just live our lives, we have a better chance of enjoying ourselves than if we’re always thinking about the end!

      We are continually surrounded by reminders of death and life. We choose the one we focus on. Speaking of which, I loved seeing the photos of you and your beautiful baby granddaughter on your blog. Lovely. xx Hugs Galore xx

    • Me, too, Frankie. I love texture. It’s real. And you’re right, people do tend to want to drive shiny new vehicles. Especially in the more urban areas. It’s as if there is something shameful about driving an older, more lived-in car or truck. If it gets you from point A to point B, who cares what it looks like??

  2. Second attempt! I loved this photo when I first saw it (I think you posted it on Instagram ?) and I still love it. I feel an affinity with this truck and its scars. It’s clearly been through a few battles and survived. Great photo xoxo

    • Sorry to hear you had such a struggle to leave a comment. Thanks for hanging in there, Lottie!

      You’re correct, I did post this originally on my Instagram account a while back. You and I are in accord when it comes to the quirky, texture, lived-in, real, and antique. And I love that you say, “It’s clearly been through a few battles and survived.” So have you and I! We should all be proud of our scars, gray hairs, and few (very few!) wrinkles. We earned them, as the saying goes. It’ shows we’re living our life, rather than trying to apply some sort of cosmetic “white out” to our faces. Hah! xoxo

  3. I tried to make out the bumper sticker…someone political?

    Yup, we all are like this truck- unique in all our scars, blemishes and well-earned bumps and lumps.

    I’m not afraid of aging…it’s when we stop aging that worries me.

    • Well-spotted, Steve! Yep, apparently it was for a local election quite a few years back.

      I’m really glad you used the term “well-earned” because, heck yeah we earned them! And again, I have to agree with you, the aging part is much better than the stopping-the-aging part! Lol 🙂

  4. I love this, I actually love beaten-up old vehicles that have seen life, I am a bit of a Land Rover fan, the older the better as far as I am concerned and I have always wanted a classic MG sportscar in british racing green with ivory leather seats and a walnut interior, it might sound like a tall order but maybe one day I may get my wish

    • I don’t think that’s a “tall order.” Why not? I believe we all deserve to have our dreams and wishes come true. Not by coming from a place of selfishness, but rather when we come from a place of gratitude and appreciation. Thanks for the lovely comment!

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