Texture of Life

The Texture of a Life Lived

The Texture of a Life Lived


I’ve been through the desert on a Horse with No Name

It felt good to be out of the rain

In the desert you can remember your name

‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.

~Dewey Bunnell

I spotted this vehicle while on one of my rambles through town. Out of sheer respect, I had to stop and snap a photo. I say “snap” because I only had my cell with me. It’s a cheap phone, because I dislike spending $500 (or even a $100) on a phone.

The more I looked at her, the more fascinated I became (yes, I am a weirdo, thanks for noticing). To me she is amazing: the texture, the colors, the scars. Intriguing. How did she get this scar? And what about that one over there? The miles she has driven. The wonders and perhaps tragedies she has seen. The loads she has carried. Not one centimeter of her isn’t mysterious, beautiful, and well loved. What a life she has had, and what more is still to come?

It made me wonder why we are so afraid of aging.

The signs of wear and tear, love lost and found, grief and art, courage, fear, battles fought…unique to each of us.



One of a kind beauty.

Green Suns, Cloud Men, and Alien Landings…

I do not like 

Green eggs and ham

I do not like them


~Dr. Seuss

I’m not actually peddling green eggs or ham. But these photos put me in mind of something that is off the menu. A special (weird) request (obsession) that someone (me) might make. You might like these Green (or otherwise) Skies. Please keep in mind, I’m not trying to improve upon nature. That is one of the few things I do not believe is possible. However, I do believe you can improve upon bad shots or at the very least create something interesting out of something terrible.

Highway Shot: Green Sun

Highway Shot – Green Sun: I went really broad with the saturation and it turned the sun green. It reminded me so much of my home planet that I turned it up even further.


Highway Shot: Primitive Cloud Man

Highway Shot – Primitive Cloud Man: Yeah I know. You probably don’t see him. Somehow when I look at this light and cloud formation that’s what I see. There is a bird perched on one of his shoulders, who is telling him the latest Cloud Gossip. Primitive Cloud man’s head is shaped like a box. So, he is actually Box-Headed-Primitive-Cloud-Man. Hmm…now that I keep looking at him, he actually looks like he might have a beak. Or he could have some sort of lizard face. He may be dancing a jig. That’s what it looks like from here.


Highway Shot - The Aliens are Landing: Turns out they weren't actually landing. It was more of drive-by. Very disappointing.

Highway Shot – The Aliens are Landing: Turns out they weren’t actually landing. It was more of drive-by. I really thought my people had finally come to pick me. Very disappointing.


Sunrises on Monday and Tuesday

As stressful as my job can be (working left-to-middle of nowhere, in rustic conditions, with about fifty men), the sunrises can’t be beat.



Still Monday

Still Monday

Yep, it's still Monday. I have to leave for work at in order that I arrive at least a half hour early for picture taking time, so I won't be late for work.

Yep, it’s still Monday. I have to leave for work very early and allow at least a half hour for picture taking time, so that I won’t be late for work.




Still Tuesday

Yep, it's just Tuesday

Tuesday was a good day for the sky

Tuesday. I sat here for a few minutes...just watching the sky.

Wow Tuesday. I sat here for a few minutes…just watching the sky.