Seeker of Golden Hearts

“Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you,
Did my heart fly at your service.”

~ Shakespeare, The Tempest – Act 3, Scene 1

Foolishly, I am trying to protect my heart; yet, it seems that I have set in motion a Quest. So typically female, it nearly makes me shudder. I’m afraid the Quest is already gaining in speed though. Yes, I am afraid and yet, wickedly aroused at the same time. Oops. Too late, now!

The announcement has been dispatched, “Seeker of Golden Hearts.” Do I really need to have concern? My message is not clear. Very few (if any) will be able to decipher the actual meaning. Sadly though I must ask myself, will I win again? I am a Puzzle Launcher. That is my nature. Don’t know what a Puzzle Launcher is? Hah! Too bad for you then, isn’t it?

I was contacted by a Bruised Knight, his Armor, apparently dented. Curiosity spins me for a loop! So many questions fill my mind. To begin: is there an opening in his dented Armor? One of which I could slip through? It is healing words that I wish to speak to him, a soothing balm, perhaps. I would like to give him a kiss or a thimble. Whatever or whichever, he may desire. But only disappear his sadness, banish his wounds away! These should be ashamed for bringing despair to him. So, off with you! Slither away back into the vapors! That is of course, if an opening indeed exists of which I may slip through. I do not know and it is always difficult to say. But find out, I must.

When I wrote the words “Seeker of Golden Hearts” I really had no conscious mind of what I was about. Had I known, would I have written it? Desire is a tricky matter. This is something for me to ponder, but another time. This tale has already taken enough shape altogether. And not at all what I had expected. Is it enough, that I admit the truth to myself?

Did these words, these few effortless words ease their way into each our subconscious? That back-burner place where sauces do simmer? And sometimes burn, sticking themselves to the pan?

“Bruised Knight…do not be bruised! I would not care to find you hurt! Let me hold you closely to my bosom and kiss it all better!” Mmm, yes, very nice. And should he care to snuggle in more closely to my breast, nuzzling along the way, who would I be to judge? He is my Knight, Sweetest Knight. I will not deny him ease, support, or for that matter sexual release. Why ever would I?

I wanted nothing more than to cry out these words, but I could not. How could I? He will think me a Fool and I get far, far too much of that, already. Ah, but did my thoughts slide their way into his subconscious?

“Yes,” cries he. “I am your Golden Heart! The one you have been seeking! It is me!” And sweeping me into his manly embrace he murmurs with a gruff sexiness, “Press me to your bosom and elsewhere, now. Dear. Sweet. Lady.”

Yeah. Right. All this happens right after Bruised Knight gets home from a hard day at work, just after he shouts,

“Honey, I’m home!”

Yes. Well. I did admit that I am a Fool.

An excerpt from “The Journals of Intricate Knot – Volume 3″

Discarded Card. Hah! I did a better job on the next one.

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For those of you visiting from Jeremy Bates (White Lies, excellent, excellent read!)  Halloween Hop, welcome and a Very Happy Halloween to you!

One of my all time favorite horror movies is the original 1963 version of The Haunting, directed by Robert Wise (American, though the film was British) and staring Julie Harris. If you’re into blood and gore, you won’t find it in The Haunting; however, this classic black and white film delivers disturbing like no other. It is a true ghost story, based on the book The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson.  My costume this year is  Lunatic-Writer-On-The-Edge. Oh, wait. That was last year’s costume. Not to worry, I can pull out my sweatpants and torn tee-shirt again  mwahahaha…

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