Gadgets to Sooth Hearts

Arc is always creating a gadget of one kind or another. Though a mystery to me, he seems to find his gadgets fun and even relaxing. I am not into gadgets, but I love my Arc and while he fiddles away I can certainly occupy myself otherwise. At one time, when I was much younger, I thought that these inventions (machines!) would cause a gap in our relationship. Not the machines/gadgets/inventions, per se, the idea of them. I’m into nature. The natural.  What feels, smells, and tastes genuine. This is so important to me. Machines, gadgets and the like, these do not feel natural to me. My fear was that this difference between Arc and me, this gap would widen, turning into a chasm until we were so far apart from one another that we would no longer be able to see each other at all. This happens in so many relationships…including a few of my own. Turns out, I was quite wrong about it causing a problem between us. My fear turned to puzzlement, my puzzlement to interest, and my interest finally turned into acceptance…and a fascination.

Arc invented the Communicator Crystal years and years ago. Interestingly enough, it was one of the first things he invented that I did not fear. Hold this beautiful, spherical crystal in your palm, picture the person you wish to speak with and either leave a message (if their crystal is switched off) or see them before you as if you are standing together. And you can converse anywhere you choose! This was a addition Arc made later on. Meet up at lovely beach, a mysterious forest, or the local sweet shop. He’s so clever. No idea how he does what he does, but what does that matter? Curiosity adds spice to a relationship.

Arc knows how much I love surprises and secretly he’s been working a new modification to his Communicator Crystal: a locater setting. Up until now, the CC could only be used to contact someone if they also have a CC. It doesn’t work if the other person doesn’t have one, but with this new locater setting, you’ll be able you to find someone…anywhere. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to try it! Arc returns home tonight and promises that we’ll work on it together.

Whether it works or not to find our daughters, I know that Arc spent many nights working on this project. It’s not possible for me to love him more, yet I do! He’s told me not to get my hopes up too high, that it could take a while for him to work out all the ins and outs of this device, but I know we’ll make it work. Together. We’ll just keep at it until it does work! And now I finally have a balm of hope, enough, to soothe this heart of mine.

The CC is so beautiful, this drawing doesn't do it justice!