In My World…

Just another boring old sky. Hah!

In my world rudeness happens only on the bluest of moons.  Courtesy is the very first rule taught in driving. Our elderly are afforded respect and dignity. All animals are treated humanely, because animals are an extension of people. We do not emulate the perceived cruelty found in nature, we rise above it. Honesty is revered, but we always take care to impart truth gently, ensuring that we never deliberately hurt another’s feelings.

We still have mom and pop markets, just around the corner and down the street in our neighborhoods. You always have time to say a kind word or two to anyone you meet. Everyone cares for all the world’s children, not just their own, although especially their own. A tree is never cut down to make room for a slab of concrete, and progress does not mean getting rid of a nature preserve, park, or someone’s home to make way for a parking lot or an oil pipeline.

It never occurs to anyone to judge another’s worth based on clothes, skin color, religion, sexuality, age, or the amount of money in their wallet. Everyone knows that human beings have boundless creativity and an endless capacity to love. It is only one’s heart that matters. We work together, rather than against, because this really does make the most sense.

Every individual is mindful that others coexist in this world and that we all have the same rights. All of us gratefully, humbly, and with open hearts share whatever it is that we can. We always pay a good deed forward. Physical violence does not exist, because we have evolved past the need to feel “powerful” by shaming, controlling, or demeaning someone else. We know that true power is never attained by trying to control another. True power is always generous and inclusive. There are no wars, because we all know that this is one planet and its care has been entrusted to each of us to tend and then pass on to our children.

Of course, it’s not a perfect place this world of mine. We still stumble and fall, skinning a knee here and there. Sadly, devastating diseases like cancer and AIDs exist, but with the brilliance on this planet it is only a matter of time until cures are discovered. On occasion a harsh word may pass our lips, but we make up quickly, cleanly, and completely. We don’t hold a grudge, because we are all well aware that not a one of us is perfect. Mistakes happen, but we don’t beat up ourselves or others.

As John Lennon once said, “You may call me a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” I believe that there are many of us…In My World.

May 2016 be kinder, gentler, and a Dreams-do-Come-True type of year for you.