Green Suns, Cloud Men, and Alien Landings…

I do not like 

Green eggs and ham

I do not like them


~Dr. Seuss

I’m not actually peddling green eggs or ham. But these photos put me in mind of something that is off the menu. A special (weird) request (obsession) that someone (me) might make. You might like these Green (or otherwise) Skies. Please keep in mind, I’m not trying to improve upon nature. That is one of the few things I do not believe is possible. However, I do believe you can improve upon bad shots or at the very least create something interesting out of something terrible.

Highway Shot: Green Sun

Highway Shot – Green Sun: I went really broad with the saturation and it turned the sun green. It reminded me so much of my home planet that I turned it up even further.


Highway Shot: Primitive Cloud Man

Highway Shot – Primitive Cloud Man: Yeah I know. You probably don’t see him. Somehow when I look at this light and cloud formation that’s what I see. There is a bird perched on one of his shoulders, who is telling him the latest Cloud Gossip. Primitive Cloud man’s head is shaped like a box. So, he is actually Box-Headed-Primitive-Cloud-Man. Hmm…now that I keep looking at him, he actually looks like he might have a beak. Or he could have some sort of lizard face. He may be dancing a jig. That’s what it looks like from here.


Highway Shot - The Aliens are Landing: Turns out they weren't actually landing. It was more of drive-by. Very disappointing.

Highway Shot – The Aliens are Landing: Turns out they weren’t actually landing. It was more of drive-by. I really thought my people had finally come to pick me. Very disappointing.



Mellow Yellow

I’m just mad about saffron

Saffron’s mad about me

They call me mellow yellow (quite rightly).


Unlike Donovan, I admit to nothing, folks. I’m just saying I like the color yellow.

Okay, here’s the deal: I decided to put a challenge to myself (since no one else stepped up to the plate, ahem). My rules are simple:

a. Pick a color.

b. Pick a song lyric or quote to go along with the color.

c. Choose three photographs from my portfolio that display said color.

This post is my first time unto the breach, dear friends. After browsing dozens of my photos I begin to despair at the choice of yellow. What was I thinking?? Hmm…perhaps it was the banana peel.

I spotted this lovely yellow rose among the grasses and wild flowers along the walk from the village of Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle. Okay, so yeah. This one was an easy yellow choice. Not too worry the next two will be a bit less obvious.

I spotted this lovely mellowish, proudly and most definitely yellow rose among the grasses and wild flowers along the walk from the village of Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle. Yeah, yeah, I hear you. This one was a straightforward choice. Not too worry the next two will be a bit less so.


One fine misty, mellow, yellowish morning in Gaviota State Beach California.

One fine misty, mellow, yellowish morning at Gaviota State Beach California. The quiet was marvelous.


Okay, I'll admit it. I got really lucky finding this capture. Yellowed stained glass window at Jedburgh Abbey in the amazing Scottish Borders. My husband and I fell in love with the area.

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I got really lucky finding this capture since it was hidden, nay buried along with quite a few other shots I’d completely forgotten about. A pretty cool mellowed and much yellowed stained glass window at Jedburgh Abbey in the amazing Scottish Borders. My husband and I fell in love with the area.

Should anyone viewing this post get it into their heads to follow suit and take part in the Mellow Yellow challenge, please leave me a link to your post in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with.

In the grand closing style of the illustrious Loonie Toons and as verbalized by the maverick Porky Pig, Th-Th-That’s All Folks.


I see faces everywhere I go. Even when there aren’t any people. Is that bad? Oh yeah. That’s bad.

Agoura Hills 101910

Spotted Pinocchio here on the way home from one of my rambles.

Calabasas Park 012313

Froggy just chilling on a trail up in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Hermitage 091710

This happy, primitive looking fellow made his home in Hermitage Castle, Hawick. His smiley demeanor is certainly incongruous, considering the bloody history of Hermitage. Of course, maybe he’s just pleased that his gruesome past is behind him.

Hermitage, again. This one's expression is certainly much more what I would expect given that the prison (a glorified hole in the ground) lay just below him.

You can almost hear his groan. Hermitage, again. This one’s expression is actually what I would expect given that the old prison (an un-glorified hole in the ground) lay just below him. Ah, the stories he could tell, eh?

Joshua Tree 121912 2

Climbing up some rocks in Joshua Tree I found these three creatures for the price of one! Actually, it didn’t cost me anything. Unless you count the cost of the climb. Cost or no, it appears they are all getting along famously. I enjoy how the little one, alert and ready for action, is playing piggy-back on one of his larger pals.

Joshua Tree 121912 4

I quietly took this gentleman’s photo while he napped in Joshua Tree Park. I suppose he didn’t have anything interesting going on that day. Can’t say that I blame him. It was freezing weather, which kept the sensible tourists away.

Joshua Tree 121912  3 22

Another Joshua Tree tenant. He looks much more lively, doesn’t he?

Joshua Tree 121912

This guy seems to be out of breath. Perhaps he’d been running. Or maybe he’s hungry, his mouth open in hopes that I’d give him some food. Cretin that I am, I have no idea what passed-out, fallen over Joshua Trees eat.

Malibu 011813

How is that I keep finding these hungry little fallen tree branches?? This one is made from drift wood and he lives in Malibu.


Hearts and Flowers, Blah, Blah

Yeah. I actually wrote a Valentine tale. Weird. By my standards, of course. The tale includes Fiddler-the-Cat (created by Twilight Faerie) and Wilbur. Equipped with a sharp beak (which is uncomfortable when applied repeatedly to your head, especially the way he wields it), Wilbur began pestering me around November last year. Since that time, he’s taken a few different forms. This is what he looks like now:

Wilbur & Betty Bee

My original pen drawing of Wilbur and his latest squeeze, Betty Bee. Yeah. Betty Bee. Things were running slow in my brain that day and that’s the name I came up with.

You won’t find the Valentine tale here. I wrote it for the fabulous artist group I’m lucky enough to be a member of, Halloween Artist Bazaar. Click on this link or the image below and it will take you straight to the short story “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Valentine Dance.”

Enjoy! And a Happy Valentine-Hearts-Flowers-and-Candy Day to you.

Halloween Artist Bazaar

Sleepy Blue Stars and Fiddler

Recently, I was asked to write a winter’s tale for the artist group of which I’m proud to be a member: Halloween Artist Bazaar. I decided to write a twist(ed) on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and titled my piece “‘Twas the Eve Before Fiddler-The-Cat.”

Fiddler is Halloween Artist Bazaar’s mascot and his image is our leader, Twilight Faerie’s creation. The perfect mascot for our group, Fiddler is dark and mysterious, playful, and oh-let’s-just-say-it: adorable. Fiddler came to life through Twilight’s fair hand, and as soon as she told me his name it seems that he has had much to impart. This tale may only be the beginning…

I enjoyed writing this short story so much that it inspired me to create the following piece “Three Sleepy Blue Stars.”

“Blue stars,” you ask?

Yep. Blue.

Three Sleepy Blue StarsIK


Halloween Artist Bazaar is hosting another fabulous giveaway for the Winter Holidays. The winner will receive a package of independent artisan handcrafted ornaments, jewelry, and other holiday fare worth over $200. You can sign up for FREE by clicking on the image below:


Best of luck to you and whatever holidays you celebrate may you thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Doodle Framed!

Be still your rapidly increasing pulse. My doodles have not been set up nor are they in trouble with the law. As far as I know no one even has it in for any of my doodles. The title of this post refers to the action of placing one of my doodles in a frame. Big whoop, eh? It IS a big whoop! I’ve never framed one of my doodles…ever. I’ve framed photos that I’ve taken, but never a doodle.

I even painted the frame. Oh get me!

Without further gibberish, here’s my Step-by-Step Tutorial of Framing My Doodle:

1) Start with a frame. So far, so good.

Unfinished and very inexpensive (sounds better than cheap) wood frame. Poor little frame. It had no idea what was going to happen to it.
Note: I think calling this frame “unfinished” is misleading. What exactly is unfinished about it? It’s not like it’s in pieces and I had to put it together. I believe that undressed is a better term. Without your clothes are you “unfinished”?? I think not.

2) Beat up the frame a bit. Let out some of your aggression and it will give your frame that cool, distressed look. Distressed=beat up. I (lightly) used a butter knife and the opposite end of my artist brush. Note: Photos of this process were edited due to the graphic violence. The frame was indeed harmed, but only slightly.

3) Get some paints. In this case I chose silver, black, and dark teal. I use airbrush inks. I like their translucent quality. Plus they were on the clearance table at my local art shop. $0.99 each! Whoo-hoo!

Airbrush ink: translucent black and dark teal, and opaque silver. Part of my scattered workspace lies behind. Aren’t you glad you don’t live here?

4) Make sure you have one of these. Although, painting with one’s fingers does have its merits.

Yeah, I use airbrush inks without an actual airbrush. Why not? They’re just acrylics.

5) After removing the backing and glass insert, I generously painted the entire frame with the silver and let it dry for about an hour or so. I then lightly applied the black, some of which I used at its full inky strength and some of it I thinned with a small amount of water.

While I was painting, I imagined that the frame was actually made of silver. Pirates stole it from a lovely lady’s cabin. Originally, it held a portrait of the lady’s fiancé, who she was sailing out to meet. Of course the pirates had no use for a sentimental portrait, and after cutting the portrait from the frame they took it and the lady aboard their vessel. Their plan was to ransom the lady off to her fiancé. Only they never had a chance to do so. Ironically, these pirates were attacked by another band of pirates. After the looting and pillaging, they burned and then sank the ship. This frame is small, only 5″x7,” and it was missed during their raid. Sadly, it ended up at the bottom of the sea for over three hundred years.*

To give it that its-been-sitting-at-the-bottom-of-the-sea-for-over-three-hundred-years look, I used the teal ink thinned with a little water and a tiny amount of the black ink. Overall, I’m pleased with the results and for me that is huge.

My dressed frame. Not to be confused with a dressed salad.
I like how I managed to get that somewhat charred look about it. This whole distressed (beat up) thing is cool. It’s sort of organic and real. Even though it’s completely fake.

6) Get to doodling! Yeah, some might advise creating your art first and then framing it. I’m sort of a build-it-and-he/she/it-will-come sort of gal. So, I did the frame first and then decided on what to doodle. Did this add to the pressure while I doodled, knowing that a frame was awaiting its completion? Sure, but if we don’t challenge ourselves, where’s the fun?

7) Ta-da! Finished product.


This particular framed doodle will be added to the Halloween Artist Bazaar’s Trick or Treat Giveaway, coming soon for (duh) Halloween. Now that I’ve opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box, I’ll be venturing further into my madness and dressing up more frames, filling them with doodles, and finally posting them to my Etsy Shop, Cards for a Gloomy Day.

Thanks for tuning in. You may now return to your regular program.

*But how did the frame get here when it was at the bottom of the sea? Obviously someone found it, but who? And what happened to the lady?? I’m working on it.

A bit of levity from an unexpected source…

Just like Beauty, you never know where you’re going to find humor (or humour). My husband found this video and we had such a fun time watching it, I thought I’d share.

I realize that when someone mentions the music genre “Black Metal” the first adjective that comes to mind isn’t “humorous,” but I’ve actually found a great amount of wit in Metal. You just never know.

Without further ado, The Black Satans singing (??) “The Satan of Hell” and as my husband says, this is not to be confused with “The Satan of the Ice Cream Shop.”