Lady Bosh Nonscents

Hanging on the walls of the narrow passageway hung row after row of paintings: portraits of saps, fools, and those who in-general carried large rocks in their tiny heads.


Continuing along the corridor the King and the Page were drawn to a very curious painting of nothing. Beneath the painting of nothing hung a small brass plaque inscribed with the name Lady Bosh Nonscents. The Castle’s Registry and written histories are quite muddled about her. Some records clearly indicate that no such person ever existed. Other records note that she did exist, but she was quite transparent. So transparent that people bumped into her or sat down on her all of the time. Apparently she had weathered many a bruise, but no matter how loudly she might complain no one could see her injuries, because they simply could not see her.

Lady Bosh appointed herself The Land of Regret’s Royal Traffic Director, presumably in an effort to be noticed: an effort that wasn’t worth the bother. On merely the second minute of the third hour of Lady Bosh’s traffic directing, she was struck by a rambling, sloth-driven, potato wagon. Thumped rather hard, both she and the potatoes flew many feet up in the air. This created quite a stir and potatoes scattered everywhere after having bounced off on many people’s heads. Of course, the entire incident is conjecture, because no one actually saw Lady Bosh fly anywhere; however, in addition to the shrill scream heard, witnesses did spot the stop sign that she had carried shoot up into the sky.

Lady Bosh Nonscents was never found, but happily all of the injured potatoes were recovered and made into an excellent side dish.

~An Excerpt from A Tarryfail, by Intricate Knot

A Painting of Nothing. Actually quite rare, even by today’s standards.




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Pardon the Interruption…

I do not wish to criticize our hostess so early in the game; however, I must make a correction. I’ve created Universes, Ms. What’s-It! That’s plural! Just because you know of only one, doesn’t mean that’s all there is. You’ve not given me much of an introduction to these kind (and what “kind” are they?) humans. My full name is Intricate Werthy Knot and I’m what you would call a Sorceress. Please do not confuse me with a Witch or Wizardress. We Sorcerers are a great deal more powerful. I am not being arrogant. It’s taken me centuries to grow into the gifts I was born with, and I still wrestle with powers that are often beyond my keen. That being said, I’m very much looking forward to telling you about myself and hopefully learning about you, as well. Let’s not make this a one way street, shall we?