Alyce…No Life Here

Alyce reached the top of hill and her tired, gray eyes surveyed the damage. The flames from countless tacbombs were out, but some areas still smoldered. Dirty, black smoke rose upwards, like thousands of tiny snakes, winding their way up to where she stood. A mere day ago the landscape was lush and bountiful, now it was pock marked and deeply gashed. Hundreds of her soldiers, their bodies strewn like rag dolls laid in unnatural positions.

“No life here, not even a flower remains,” she whispered. A tear rolled down her cheek.

“My lady?”

She could sense his desire to come to her side and quickly commanded without turning,

“Stay where you are, Nyles.”

Twisted Bunny

A new character has popped into my head and I had to doodle him! Please excuse the roughness of the doodle (and the writing in this post). All these characters popping into my head can be painful at times and I have to move them along  (and out!) as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there are terrible traffic jams and nothing can get in or out of my head. Not a good situation.

Yeah, I know, what IS wrong with me??? Don't answer that.