A Blue Tangle

We always did feel the same

We just saw it from a different point of view

Tangled up in Blue.

~Bob Dylan

Blue, blue, oh boring old blue.

Just kidding. I don’t find anything about the color blue, boring. Except perhaps feeling blue. I can’t feel blue for too long. Perhaps because I’m not a color, but rather some sort of humanoid. That’s my current theory, anyway. Feeling blue just gets old after not too long of a time, and then I need to move on. Look to the future with some sort of hope and at least a semi plan.

No plan, yet. Until I do, I’ll just have to make due with some peaceful blue.

Sky Blue Cloud Angel & Genie: I’m pretty certain I’m the only one who sees these two beings in these particular clouds. One has wings and one doesn’t. One looks a bit like an angel, the other looks more like a genie of some sort. Maybe they’re both angels. Maybe they’re both genies. Maybe they’re both just clouds (what???). It doesn’t matter to me, as I think they’re beautiful regardless. The important thing in the photo is actually the faint rainbow. So, we can all make a wish. I hope you wish for peace. That’s my wish, anyway.


Early (before 4:00) Morning Blue – Gaviota: Grainy yes, but I sort of like that effect on occasion. Rare occasion. Like this one.


Edinburgh Castle – Queen Margaret Blue: This small chapel inside the gates of Edinburgh Castle gave me permission to take a moment. Take a moment and breathe. I sometimes forget to do that. Life makes me hold my breath often. Mostly out of sheer shock. Although, how anything could really shock me at this point is bizarre. I’ve seen a lot during the years that I’ve inhabited this planet. And I am continually amazed at how utterly cruel we can be toward one another. Thank goodness, I’m also continually reminded of how good people can actually be. It’s a balance, I suppose.

17 responses to “A Blue Tangle

  1. The blue in the stained glass photo is amazing! And I love the atmosphere that the Morning Sky photo conjures up. You have an excellent eye for capturing the perfect moment oh, Knotty One!

    • Haha! Thanks oh,Steve One!

      You know those stained glass windows were gorgeous. I’ve seen a lot of stained glass, and honestly it is all beautiful, but there was something quite special about these. I’m really glad you enjoyed.

  2. I wonder how blue came to be associated with depression–feeling blue or being in a blue funk.It is just in our culture(whatever that is) In Japan, blue is equivalent to our red. They put it up at parties to show joy and happiness. In Spanish Earth is called the Blue Planet and you are waiting for your Blue Prince to come–Prince Charming.

    I like blue. It is the color of the sky, the ocean and my eyes.

    Love the morning sky pic! Gives me a feeling of peace.

    • You have me laughing over “…just in our culture (whatever that is).” Yes, what exactly IS “our culture”???

      And you’re quite right, blue is associated with different emotions in other cultures. Interesting, isn’t it? I love the color blue, as well. From what I’ve read it is more often than not a favorite color.

      Glad that one of my photos can give you a feeling of peace. That is a wonderful compliment. Thanks, Frankie!

  3. Very lovely photographs. I don’t have a favourite, they are all special in their own way. I think one of my favourites blues in the Universe, is the deep, dark blue just before dawn. Its still studded with stars and so inviting that I wish sometimes that I could jump in a rocket and then dive in and swim in it. I remember when we visited Joshua Tree and the early morning blue sky was quite the most beautiful thing. I don’t know what is worse, feeling blue or being hounded by the black dog? xoxo

    • Well, neither feeling blue or being hounded is a good thing! Probably being hounded is worse, but then sometimes being depressed can be likened to “hounded.”

      I love that blue, as well, and I remember the morning skies at Joshua Tree. I LOVE your idea, Lottie. We will have to build ourselves a rocket for just such occasions. xoxo

  4. Blue can be such an enlivening colour or a precurser to the Black Dog mentioned by Lottie.For a long time the balance on the see-saw seems to me to have been that mankind has tipped it heavily in favour of the cruelty shown to all other species on Earth including himself. This week the black dog refused to take a grip when I saw a grieving widower refused to be changed by what had happened to his wife in Paris.He would not condemn a race for what just a few had done.
    When all of us can adopt that attitude and extend love towards all others without looking at their colour or creed then I think it will be blue skies all the way.
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Your words touched me, David.

      These are exactly the moments that have moved me over the last week. How those who have lost loved ones during these devastating events are so much larger than the event. Their love and hope and wish for peace is so much greater than ignorance, hatred, and violence. This is what I am choose to focus on.

      And you’re absolutely correct, if we can all adopt the attitude of this gentleman, then it will be blue skies for all. We all deserve those blue skies. I look very much forward to that day.

      xoxo Thank you and Huge Hugs! xoxo

  5. Among my favorite Dylan lyrics. I had a blue period for a while just before I rekindled my pursuit of photography a while back. Like Lottie, I do like all three but…I do have a preference based on my love of early morning blue hour.

  6. I think that running from your blue is a mistake. There are lessons there. Once you embrace it, if the blue still brings you down, then that is the time to seek assistance. Beautiful pictures.

    • I completely agree. There is a reason we feel as we do. Generally, once we figure out why we feel a certain way, then we can let it go (my favorite part!). Thank you for the lovely, thoughtful comment, Debbi!

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