Green Suns, Cloud Men, and Alien Landings…

I do not like 

Green eggs and ham

I do not like them


~Dr. Seuss

I’m not actually peddling green eggs or ham. But these photos put me in mind of something that is off the menu. A special (weird) request (obsession) that someone (me) might make. You might like these Green (or otherwise) Skies. Please keep in mind, I’m not trying to improve upon nature. That is one of the few things I do not believe is possible. However, I do believe you can improve upon bad shots or at the very least create something interesting out of something terrible.

Highway Shot: Green Sun

Highway Shot – Green Sun: I went really broad with the saturation and it turned the sun green. It reminded me so much of my home planet that I turned it up even further.


Highway Shot: Primitive Cloud Man

Highway Shot – Primitive Cloud Man: Yeah I know. You probably don’t see him. Somehow when I look at this light and cloud formation that’s what I see. There is a bird perched on one of his shoulders, who is telling him the latest Cloud Gossip. Primitive Cloud man’s head is shaped like a box. So, he is actually Box-Headed-Primitive-Cloud-Man. Hmm…now that I keep looking at him, he actually looks like he might have a beak. Or he could have some sort of lizard face. He may be dancing a jig. That’s what it looks like from here.


Highway Shot - The Aliens are Landing: Turns out they weren't actually landing. It was more of drive-by. Very disappointing.

Highway Shot – The Aliens are Landing: Turns out they weren’t actually landing. It was more of drive-by. I really thought my people had finally come to pick me. Very disappointing.


15 responses to “Green Suns, Cloud Men, and Alien Landings…

  1. Wonderful pictures as usual IK! Gotta say that I can’t see the Primitive Cloud Man and his gossipy bird friend but I sure want to so I can see him dance his jig! Keep up the great work!

    • Haha! Yes, St. Paddy’s Day for sure.

      If you have a weirdness filter it will help you see Primitive Cloud Man. His box head is at the top center of the image and a sort of purplish-lavender-ish colour.

  2. I do see your friendly box-headed primitive cloud man. It’s funny…I grew up in Geisel’s hometown or at least the town where he wrote much of the Seussian stories but never read any of them as a younger person. Appreciated them as an adult.

    • I’m thrilled you can see Box-Headed-Primitive-Cloud-Man!

      Interesting that you grew up in the town where many of the Seuss books were written. I loved his books when I was young, but grew to appreciate them far more as an adult.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment, Steve!

  3. I see a dragon with a big eye in front of your Primitive Cloud Man and some translucent dragonfly wings fanning out from the bottom alien ship hovering above the highway. So pretty!

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