No Green Thumb Here…

Nature simply is. She gives and keeps on giving. All She asks for in return is respect.

Somehow I got stuck in the wrong line when they were passing out green thumbs and I ended up with two brown ones. Brown is very nice color in quite a few instances (chocolate comes to mind), but decidedly not when it comes to plants and the like. Usually the opposite in fact, yes? Brown is generally the color of plants when they’re on their journey to the other side.

I’m in good company. My soul sister is also a confirmed brown thumb. Without any sort of devastating sense of failure, I am content with my brown thumb status simply because there are an abundance of wildflowers, parks, trails, and other people’s gardens that I can enjoy.

From the garden of one of my long suffering neighbors. They all now seem to understand that there is no way to get rid of the loony lady with the camera.

From the garden of one of my long suffering neighbors. Though they all (finally!) seem to understand that there is no way to get rid of the loony lady with the camera.

Wildflowers from the hills near our home.

Wildflowers from the hills near our home.

She looks like she's licking her chops to me. Do flowers even have chops? In my world, anything is possible.

She looks like she’s licking her chops to me. Do flowers even have chops? In my world, anything is possible.

Where can you get that shade of delicate pink? As far as I know, only nature can do it.

It's a bit of a green tangled, but nature does it with such grace.

It’s a bit of a green tangle, but they do it with such grace.

There she was in all her tiny gloriousness flourishing away in an empty lot I stumbled upon.

I spotted this fine lady growing in a small garden alongside a gas station. Pretty cool that someone took the time to plant her there.

Another find in a field. I had trouble getting them to sit still for me, but all the same, aren’t they sweet?

12 responses to “No Green Thumb Here…

  1. You don’t have to give up on gardening IK! I am still far from confident in my gardening abilities but I try and fail and sometimes try and succeed and enjoy doing it, it’s a learning journey and so worth it when you get it right. Like the unexpected huge, huge crop of coriander grown in an old concrete laundry tub in Junee. I was so chuffed.
    Gorgeous photos, you and Lottie put me to shame. LOVED the flower licking her floral chops, that really made me smile.

    • Always glad to bring a smile to you! And yeah, I suppose I shouldn’t give up on gardening, but I really do feel bad about all the plants I’ve killed. I may give it another go this summer. Although, I’m sure I can hear I can hear the garden shop flowers quake in fear and whisper “please don’t take me home, lady.”

  2. Loving the pictures IK! I have to say I too have , not quite a brown thumb more a beige thumb (the only thing I can’t kill are cacti!)

    The white flower taken at the petrol station reminds me of a nun’s wimple or one of those images you saw when you put a kaleidoscope up to your eye and turned the barrel (ooh look at the colours children!)
    Ahem… but I digress.
    Great post IK and some really great pictures, I always find it difficult to get the little buggers to stay still for me!

    • You’re right about that little white flower (wish I knew what her name is!), she does look like a nun’s wimple. Cool observation! And yeah, I suppose even flowers can be camera shy.

  3. I am not sure if flowers have chops but I think you do when it comes to finding neat things to photograph. This is a lovely bouquet of images, IK. I have seen several compositae with this odd petal (actually it is a sepal and the center is filled with tiny flowers) sticking up that way…there must be a story as to why. Maybe she just ate a bee.

    • Haha! Just ate a bee, indeed! And I’ll bet you’re right about there being a story as to why the “sepal” was turned upwards that way. If only I were a botanist. Just kidding. I hear there is a great deal of math and science stuff involved.

  4. Brown thumb! I do so love that phrase dear Sis. Well, you may have a brown thumb but you have a wonderful eye and a wizard imagination. Your photographs are perfect and I loved your floral running commentary – licking her chops indeed – only you could come up with something like that 🙂 the fine lady at the gas station is my favourite but they are all beautiful and so was your description of where you found them xoxo

    • Speaking of favorite phrases, I absolutely love “wizard imagination”! Thanks, Sis! Imagination aside though, I probably saw the original “Little Shop of Horrors” at too young and impressionable an age (45), which warped me for life. Yes, I talk to the flowers and they talk back sort of thing. Haha! xoxo

    • I’m very glad you enjoyed the flowers, David. And I’m no expert by any stretch of even my imagination; however, my understanding that flowers and plants aren’t actually the tranquil creatures that they appear to be. It’s an interesting world.

  5. Somehow I have not been getting notices of your posts. I’m sorry that I have not been commenting. I like these flower pics vey much. I think it was the last pic- that plant is called butterfly iris or at least it looks the same as mine. It’s a lovely plant and one that I like a lot. ~yvonne~

    • Not to worry, Yvonne. I don’t always get notices on your and other people’s blogs that I follow, either. Not sure why that is! I love that you know what that flower’s name is. I’ll have to look up the Butterfly Iris. Thanks so much! xo

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