I see faces everywhere I go. Even when there aren’t any people. Is that bad? Oh yeah. That’s bad.

Agoura Hills 101910

Spotted Pinocchio here on the way home from one of my rambles.

Calabasas Park 012313

Froggy just chilling on a trail up in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Hermitage 091710

This happy, primitive looking fellow made his home in Hermitage Castle, Hawick. His smiley demeanor is certainly incongruous, considering the bloody history of Hermitage. Of course, maybe he’s just pleased that his gruesome past is behind him.

Hermitage, again. This one's expression is certainly much more what I would expect given that the prison (a glorified hole in the ground) lay just below him.

You can almost hear his groan. Hermitage, again. This one’s expression is actually what I would expect given that the old prison (an un-glorified hole in the ground) lay just below him. Ah, the stories he could tell, eh?

Joshua Tree 121912 2

Climbing up some rocks in Joshua Tree I found these three creatures for the price of one! Actually, it didn’t cost me anything. Unless you count the cost of the climb. Cost or no, it appears they are all getting along famously. I enjoy how the little one, alert and ready for action, is playing piggy-back on one of his larger pals.

Joshua Tree 121912 4

I quietly took this gentleman’s photo while he napped in Joshua Tree Park. I suppose he didn’t have anything interesting going on that day. Can’t say that I blame him. It was freezing weather, which kept the sensible tourists away.

Joshua Tree 121912  3 22

Another Joshua Tree tenant. He looks much more lively, doesn’t he?

Joshua Tree 121912

This guy seems to be out of breath. Perhaps he’d been running. Or maybe he’s hungry, his mouth open in hopes that I’d give him some food. Cretin that I am, I have no idea what passed-out, fallen over Joshua Trees eat.

Malibu 011813

How is that I keep finding these hungry little fallen tree branches?? This one is made from drift wood and he lives in Malibu.


20 responses to “Faces

  1. Sis, these are wonderful! I don’t think you are strange in the least! I see faces everywhere too. Our bathroom in Jakarta has marble wall tiles and Pete and I have hours of fun ‘seeing’ all the faces and animals in the patterns. I fessed up to him the other day that it was one of the ways that I entertain myself when I’m sitting on the lavatory!! he said that he did just the same – we even had spotted the same faces πŸ˜€

    Great to see you back on here, I”ve missed your posts as I’m sure many others have too. Fabulous photos wonder girl! xoxo

  2. I see faces too! So if you’re strange the three of us (four counting Pete) are strange together. Love this post dear Intricate Knot!

      • You are too funny. Aren’t we all a bit off? There is a fine line between sanity and insanity. πŸ™‚ Just kidding about the fine lines and speaking of those- I know fine lines very well. They became my new friends when I hit 70. I have not taken care of my face as I once did and now I don’t give a rip. Sometimes I “take a spell” and do as I should but of late I am very lazy.

      • Yes, I do believe we all have our own special blend of madness and it’s all just a matter of finding people who can work with our brand. πŸ˜€

        And good for you making it to 70! I love that you “don’t give a rip”! There’s lots of stuff that seemed very important to me when I was younger that I don’t give a flying fig about now. We’ve earned that right.

  3. It’s a gift to see faces where there are no people. My grandmother called it the Soul’s Vision. But then she’d wink and say, “But if the faces start talking to you, telling you to do things, you come and tell me.”

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