The Wintery End of Terrence

His name is Terrence. Terrence Mackenzie. Ringing any bells? No? He’s Alan Mackenzie’s younger brother.  Alan being the faithful valet and butler to Quentin the Vampire Botanist (and sometimes Fairy Gothfather…what can we say? Quentin is the wearer of many hats).

Younger siblings seem to excel at being thorns in their older siblings’ necks (or pains in their asses, whichever body part they can reach first). In the case of Terrence? He was what is politely referred to as a ne’er-do-well. Not a bad man, just not a very good one. He fancied himself to be a musician and he went off to the great City of Lost Dreams to make his fortune. Sadly, there was no fortune made; leastways, not by Terrence and certainly not in the City of Lost Dreams. Don’t waste any sympathy on him, as you’d be more likely find him tipping back a whiskey or two than picking up his fiddle.

Life never turns out well for ne’er-do-wells (the clue is in the expression) and Terrence was no exception in this regard. He hung out with all sorts of less-than-savory characters, but it wasn’t any of them who caused his accident. Jackie the barkeep warned him not to use the back door of The Scot’s Tide (which despite the name was no where near the ocean). Jackie knew that the lights in the alleyway were busted and no one had got around to replacing them, yet.

Unlike his brother, Terrence was a poor listener at best. Attempting to skip out on his tab, he went straight out the back door, slipped on a patch of ice and landed on his head. He lay in the alley until morning. This was nothing new for Terrence. He often passed out and slept in the alley; however, this time it was winter. The coldest winter the City of Lost Dreams had ever seen, before or since. Slowly freezing until his heart stopped, Terrence never woke up to a hangover again.

Although Quentin thought little of Terrence, he knew that he was Alan’s soft spot. After they received word of his death, he traveled to the City and brought his body back with him. Once safely back home, Quentin went to work using his Vampire magic and Botanist science, melting flesh off bone and imbuing Terrence’s skull with plant and vampire essence. This is not a pleasant process, but the end result is impressive.

Off the booze, Terrence has become quite responsible. You’ll often find him patrolling the estate’s perimeter and thoroughly enjoying giving a fright to anyone foolish enough that gets too close.

It was quite difficult to get Terrence to hold still for his portrait. Perhaps he has ADD. That would explain a lot, actually. Eventually I decided to jog along with him while he patrolled. I’m proud to report that I only ran into a tree once (it wasn’t hurt).




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9 responses to “The Wintery End of Terrence

  1. Sis, I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again, I love your imagination! Poor Terrence, what a dreadful demise. Imbuing Terrence’s skull with vampire and plant essences sounds awesome though and considering that you had to jog alongside him to paint his portrait, it’s a brilliant likeness! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  2. I loved reading about Terrance’s demise and the picture you drew of him. Did you draw him whilst Quentin was imbuing him with plant and vampire essence or after? Either way Terrance doesn’t look too happy and you’ve captured his anguish really well! Looking forward to reading more IK

    • No, but what a good idea, Steve! Next time Quentin conducts his Skull-Life-Giving-Party, I’ll ask if I can sketch the process. Unfortunately, Quentin is completely against video cameras; otherwise, how cool would that be?? Might be a bit gruesome, but still cool.

      Thanks, Steve!

  3. Poor Terrence, at least he didnt feel a thing as he slipped into deaths grip. Im glad he came back as something useful hehe
    As always, love reading your stories 🙂

  4. Terrence is so cute..or.ehm, not. But it’s a brilliant picture. I hope you are doing well. I don’t care much for Halloween but I have some sweet memories from when we had a Halloween party with friends in Ireland. Daniel dressed as some kind of slaughter butcher and I bought him hair to use as a beard, and he ended up looking like Usama Bin Ladin. LOL!

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