Breakfast with the Skulls: The Lyrics

I scurried up to the garden today,

Afraid I’d receive a surprise.

Don’t bother to follow me,

You’ll surely seal your demise.

For every skull that ever I’d drawn will gather there for purpose unknown,

Because today’s the day for pancakes and crumbs, it’s Breakfast with the Skulls.

His name is DeLarge, of Clockwork Orange fame, and a relatively new addition to the Guardians of the Garden Skulls.

Every skull who’s been in a mood is sure to find I’ve not understood today.

They’ll sit and brood and eat lots of food: syrup and corn and gin alá mode ‘ole.

I’d better join them under the eaves where they sneak and peek ‘til I buckle my knees.

It really is Breakfast with the Skulls.

Her name is Bertie and she’s “just good friends” with Alan Mackenzie.

Breakfast time with the Skulls

The airy scary Skulls are plotting a diabolical deed today.

Scream it, shout it, show your hand and know they breakfast on a yoga mat.

Watch them madly roll around.

They love to flip and dance,

Don’t you wish they’d slip away?

At nine a.m. they’re stylish and ghostly

While goo crawls away into a pile of stew.

They’re wired up and letting you know it. Skulls.

~ To be sung to the tune of “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”

4 responses to “Breakfast with the Skulls: The Lyrics

  1. I’m still laughing as i write this, still chortling away. Dearest Sister, gin a la mode, breakfast on a yoga mat, syrup and corn, plotting diabolical deeds…..
    and, spooky. And also very spooky but true….I almost wrote a blog post the other day (the one about moving to the new apartment) it was going to be a poem to, wait for it, the teddy bears picnic tune. Now I don’t know about you, but this I find more than just mere coincidence – something is in the ether, go and ask the skulls.

    I’ve pinned it, I’ve stumbled it, I’m about to tweet it, but most of all, I’ve loved reading it xoxo

    • Holy crap that is freaky to the max, Sis!! Too weird! But I love it, of course. I really (really, really) want to read your poem about moving (set to the tune of The Teddy Bear’s Picnic, eeeeeeeekkkk!). I will indeed consult the Skulls and see what they have to say on the subject.

      Very happy that you enjoyed. xoxo

      • Holy crap it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I didn’t write the poem down but I had it floating around in my head to the teddy bears picnic tune but then decided to write about my pelvic floor and that instrument of torture instead. Happy days! xoxo

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